When we first encountered Seersha earlier this year, the emerging artist/producer was regaling us with a kind of minimalist synthop that was dark and brooding. Eschewing rhythmic propulsion for stark atmospherics, her spectral compositions fluttered and floated across one’s speakers, leaving listeners far more inclined to sink into a pensive gloom than to jump up and dance.

With her latest single, however, Seersha flips the script, offering up a buoyant electropop jam replete with bustling grooves and contagious energy. Indeed, “Typical” reveals a whole other side to the local songstress’ repertoire, and while it may not imbue the same air of melancholy that first drew our attention, the track’s brisk pulse and undulating flow has a liberating quality that speaks to her core identity. “Seersha come from Saorise, which means freedom,” Seersha explains in a press release. “That’s what this whole project is about for me.”

Directed by Weston Manders, the accompanying video, which we’re excited to premiere today, matches the song’s ebullient vibes by washing the singer in vibrant hues of light as she dances and sings about her dining room while a mannequin-like figure (played by Seersha’s husband, for whom the song was written) watches on. Overall, it’s a simple concept, but the sharp editing, combined with the song’s dynamic flair, make it well worth the watch.

Check it out above.

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