Thom Chapman and David Bean made some wonderfully lush noise during their tenure in Atlanta, and while the duo may now claim Nashville as their base of operations, they certainly haven’t lost their knack for constructing warm, dreamy pop. Fox Grin’s latest is the shimmery, beguiling “Black Tree,” the first single from the group’s upcoming King of Spades LP, which finds the pair expanding on their love for radiant grooves and Beatles-esque hooks. It’s a moody number, sweeping yet meditative, but what makes the cut standout from the group’s catalog is its prog-ish detours and psychedelic flourishes. Fox Grin have never been afraid to abandon formula and weave a few left-field turns into their airy dreamscapes, but here those twists are more pronounced even as they maintain and accentuate the song’s ambient flow. Priority number one has always been an alluring and generous accessibility, and on “Black Tree” that mission is admirably maintained.

Listen below.

King of Spades is due out Jan. 19, 2018.

Fox Grin will perform tonight at Star Bar alongside Slow Parade, MammaBear, and Nelward. Doors open a 9 p.m. Admission is FREE. 21+ to enter.

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