There’s many an old adage about being grateful for what you have, so while Wiley from Atlanta’s upcoming EP, TEEN SPIRIT, has been delayed for two months, I can at least count my blessings for “Paper Planes,” which has become an intrinsical part of my summer soundtrack. The song’s laissez-faire vibes intermingled with a kind of warm sensuality and tossed about with Wiley’s instincts for magnetic hooks makes for a sound that’s cool and hypnotic—perfect for long, aimless drives or soaking up sun.

Directed by Ben Searles, the video taps into the nostalgic glow of the season with Wiley and his crew cruising through suburbia on skateboards and BMX bikes, seemingly without a care in the world. The tone grows a shade darker when the group discovers a skull by some remote train tracks—a subtle nod, perhaps, to the coming-of-age classic Stand By Me and loss of innocence. But even in darkness Wiley from Atlanta is nothing if not a romantic, so while shadows may be falling, as long as those paper planes keeps flying back, everything will be okay.

TEEN SPIRIT is out August 30.

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