With their new video for “Say My Name,” Von Grey continue to display a flair for the theatrical and sultry. As in previous efforts, the Von Grey sisters are more concerned with creating a visual experience than telling a story. Videographer Mary Caroline Mann is to thank for the atmospheric qualities which help to frame that experience — her use of light and shadow adds an edge and drama which perfectly match the feel of the song.

Taken from the group’s latest EP, Panophobia, “Say My Name,” like much of the record, marks a shift in style to a darker, electronica-influenced sound, a factor interpreted by the video through slow motion shots and silhouetted figures. The four sisters dance languidly as vintage film clips flash behind them, but there is an intensity which makes the video feel more like a fever dream than a meditative trance. Like the EP, the visuals float from cool to creepy with seemingly no effort, another solid stepping stone as Von Grey continue to redefine their sound and identity.

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