When I have to talk to people about Tunabunny, I can’t. My mouth fills with cotton candy. My jaded 27-year old brain sloughs off four years, back before I knew anything about scene politics or the blogosphere. They were literal sirens to me, beckoning toward a new world where I could meet any one of them on the street. (Ack! What would I do if I met a Tunabunny, I pondered.) Or, no, not a new world, just a new dimension, a layer of community and kinetic energy and RACKET that I’d never known in my own hometown.

So what I love about “Incinerate,” is how both video and song remind me of all the enchantments that hooked me into Tunabunny way back when. There’s the forest and the deck, the visual equivalent to the chirping cicadas on Genius Fatigue that signified their uncanny proximity. There’s that tone in the intro – and it’s always hard for a quasi-musician like me to describe tones without suspending the reader’s disbelief, so I can only say that it is that tone, the kind that T-bunnies excel in, and when you hear it, you will cup your hands over your chest and agree, it is that tone.

Most importantly, though, there is the paradox, the presence of both advanced intelligence and childlike abandon. So as Brigette Heron jumps and jives, she’s talking about burning up on at least three different levels. “I can’t stand living in this state / I gotta (ha ha) incinerate.” The key is in the ha, ha. As the T-bunnies tell us, “the difference between swagger and stagger is a single letter;” ergo, the difference between the torch of glory and all-consuming flames is a single laugh. Call that clever, but you know you’ve been there before, too. Which is why Tunabunny wooed me in the first place — they were people I could meet, that I would want to meet, that would talk and listen and understand the woes of a nobody.

“Incinerate” is the latest single and first video from the forthcoming double LP, PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland Jr, out June 23 via HHBTM Records.

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