Atlanta trio the Head have long had a knack for crafting big, anthemic, hook-heavy songs, and their latest single is no exception. Buoyed by a steady backbeat and lush instrumentation, “Lilies” seems expressly designed to be a hit with a mantra-like chorus that dissolves into a warm sea of soothing “oohs” and “ahhs.” Bassist and vocalist Mike Shaw has never been one to overpower a track with booming vocals or overly clever phrasing, but his ability to consistently build tuneful melodies has been a key component in the group’s steady ascent within the city and beyond.

“Lilies” is the second single to be revealed from the band’s upcoming LP, Space, and according to the band, it’s one that plays a pivotal role in the record’s overall pacing and thematic development. “The song can be about self-reflection, but it also represents openness and vulnerability,” says Shaw. “It sets the tone of side two like the second act of a play: the players still having a story to finish.”

Shot and directed by Nick Rhodes of Coalesce Films, who’s also crafted visuals for MammaBear among others, the video is meant to capture the cyclical nature of both the song’s structure and our day-to-day existence. “Time throughout the day is a cycle — the sun rises, peaks, then sets again, back where it first began,” explains Mike’s brother Jack, who plays drums in the band. “[Rhodes] shot us walking on the pier in St. Simons Island, GA where the sun was rising and setting behind us throughout the video. The colors of the sunrise and sunset coincide with the lushness of the song and the overall record.”

“Lilies” will be available on Spotify and other streaming services on May 19. Produced by Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates of Madison Records, Space releases August 4.

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