For far too long, airing one’s vulnerabilities was seen as a sign of weakness in hip-hop, but fortunately recent years have seen a tidal change in the way rappers portray themselves publicly. Revealing one’s private insecurities, fears, and failures, once considered taboo, has increasingly found acceptance within the broader hip-hop community, allowing for songwriting that is far more personal and nuanced.

Case in point is “For You,” the new single from Sound of RUDY. Produced by Parisvvs, the song’s alluring backdrop merges two of the rapper’s favorite genres, rap and chillwave, into an ambient tapestry that pairs rumbling bass and icy snares with washed-out synths. It’s a moody and seductive soundscape that calls for introspection, and Sound of RUDY responds by delivering a candid, emotional verse that addresses the troubled relationship between himself and his significant other.

“The song was written during a time in which me and my girlfriend were having some difficulties,” he explains via email. “The song itself is essentially me sending a message to her expressing my feelings on our issues, and letting her know I want to stay together and continue because the good times we have exceed the bad.”

Shot in Cabbagetown amidst the neighborhood’s much vaunted street art and murals, the accompanying video, directed by Luke, is meant to mirror the track’s sense of wistful melancholy by focusing its attention on RUDY as he walks around glumly with his head down or stares off into the distance. It’s not exactly Oscar material, but the intent is clear and honestly delivered, which is really all that matters.

“We just wanted to give off the vibe that I was feeling sad or upset, which was how I felt when I wrote the song,” Sound of RUDY says. “Ironically, when we shot the video my lady and I had patched things up so I had to do a little acting to give the effect of sadness.”

Check it out above.

Sound of RUDY will perform on Fri., Jul. 7 at the Masquerade (Hell). Also performing will be Daylan Gideon, 404GIANNA, Mo’Haze, Sakima, Elijah Kent, and Oren Major. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $8. All ages.

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