Born and raised in Atlanta, Kenny Mason is a 22-year-older rapper and vocalist with an apparent love of baseball and driving early aughts alt-rock. Or at least that’s what one would infer from the his new video, the Ben Searles-directed “DS,” which finds the young artist flashing his skills on the diamond while channeling his inner Dave Grohl. It’s an interesting approach, to be sure, one the seeks to strike a balance between hip-hop’s buoyancy and the anthemic propulsion of band’s like Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and other turn of the millennium radio rockers.

The clip also marks the first of a new series called “Wireless Wednesdays” in which Mason will release a new song or video every hump day for the remainder of the year. It will be interesting to see if he carries this sound forward in future projects, or if this is simply just a one-time digression from the his more traditional rap and R&B. Either way, “DS” is well worth a look and a listen, even if it does come and go in the near blink of an eye.

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Instagram: @platinummason
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Twitter: @KennethNeutron