For a band as moody and glum as Gláss, a video shot atop the roof of Atlanta’s hippy-dippy SweetWater Brewery may seem like an odd choice. The Athens trio play frigid, black cloud post-punk with a steely intensity that stands in stark relief to the beermaker’s tie-dyed “Don’t Float the Mainstream” aesthetic. Despite all their talent, I think we can agree Gláss won’t be playing 420 Fest anytime soon.

Still, due to some meteorological good fortune, the video works much better than anticipated. Filmed by Taylor Nelson and Redmond Farley of Lake City Sounds and Balcony TV Atlanta, the clip finds the group set against grim, overcast skies with chilly gusts of wind occasionally sweeping though their performance. It looks cold and foreboding, meaning it’s the ideal backdrop for the band’s muted approach and dead-eyed sense of passion.

If this sounds too reserved and detached for your liking, I suggest giving it a chance anyway. Sure it’s easy to lose yourself in the misty lockstep drone that opens “Consumer Remorse,” but when Gláss finally break their trance and erupt in a fierce wave of distortion and dissonance, you can almost see the blood rushing back through their icy veins. For all their stern demeanor, this is a band with impressive dynamics and fiery emotional surges — even if they don’t always show it.

Gláss’ latest LP, Accent, is currently available as a free download via Noisetrade for a limited time.

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