Almost exactly a year after Coma Girls blew up the summer with nostalgic, exuberant pop, the band is back with an intimate single and a fitting video which displays the band’s reworked lineup and maturing sound. “Jackie O” brims with the same clear-eyed, crisp songwriting that made the group’s self-titled debut so infectious, but there is a new level of musicianship, thanks to the addition of Jordan Hunter on trumpet and Dray Belle on saxophone.

Directed by Ben Searles, the video features various band members wandering around Atlanta and jamming in front of an old wing stand. It’s a simple clip but it captures the effortless cool of the band, as well as some pretty adorable puppy footage.

Sharp, savvy pop tunes have always been a strong suit for Coma Girls’ songwriter and vocalist Chris Spino. “Jackie O” is less boisterous than most of the tracks on last summer’s LP, and the rock and roll attitude has been replaced with a more modern — even cosmopolitan — take on pop. The band describes their upcoming album Dressed in Stripes as a “modern record wearing vintage clothes,” but “Jackie O” almost feels like the reverse. In either case, if Spino and company can capture the delicate urgency of this track throughout the rest of the record, the album should be a summery successor to their buoyant debut.

Dressed in Stripes is available digitally tomorrow via Bear Kids Recordings.

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