The balance between intricacy and joyous abandon is part of what makes Antarcticats’ snappy surf punk so compelling, and nowhere is that more apparent than on “Serpentine,” the lead single from the trio’s latest EP, Irregardless. The band’s invigorating mix of jagged guitars, twisted rhythms, and frontman Andrew Joyce’s fervent snarl is on full display, and it’s easy find yourself caught in the center of the group’s whirlwind rush.

Directed by Adam S. Hacker, the track’s accompanying video, which we’re excited to premiere for you today, does its best to match the song’s rambunctious energy. In-between footage of the band performing alone in a bar, the visuals focus their attention of a group of longboarders speeding through Castleberry Hill at night. As a metaphor for Antarcticats’ music it’s spot-on; yes, there is liberating air of unencumbered freedom as they zip through the abandoned streets, but none of it would be possible without a bit of practice and technique. Still, let’s not overthink this. I’m all for metaphors and allusions, but what really matters here is watching these three dudes crank out a terse, fired-up corker full of DIY vigor. Longboarding is cool. Rock and roll is better.

Antarcticats will perform this Friday, April 29, at Star Bar as part of Southern Surf Stomp! Also performing are Midnight Larks, The Flying Faders (MD), El Capitan and the Band With No Name, and special guest DJ Dusty Booze. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $8.

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