For a song that moves in unpredictable contortions and paints in whimsical, almost absurdist textures, “Green Light” feels remarkably fluid and organic. Composer Alessandra Hoshor shares an equal passion and talent for visual art and video, so it’s no surprise she adroitly calls upon the unifying principles of those mediums — color, line, balance, proportion, harmony — to create their fanciful canvases of sound. Listening to this piece is like strolling through a series of interconnected installations, one movement tumbling inextricably into the next. Viewed in individual segments there is ample opportunity for wonder and delight, but taken as single continuous whole, the effect can be overwhelmingly dizzying.

Shot and directed by Saige Rowe, the video embraces the idea of organic fluidity by depicting interactions between people and nature and the transformations that occur as a result. Puddles of water become clouded by muddy footsteps, sand and clay are dug into by a black boot heel, bodies roll down and crawl across a grassy hill. If you’re searching for any sort of linear structure of semblance of narrative, you’ve come to the wrong place. The idea of purpose is a human construct so the only meaning you’ll find here is the one you bring to it. So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let “Green Light” be your guide.

“Green Light” is the new single from Pamela_ and her sons’ upcoming LP, Hurt Plaza, due out March 17 via CGI Records.

Pamela_and her sons will celebrate the release of Hurt Plaza on Friday, March 17 at Atlanta Contemporary. They will be supported by Sequoyah, Port Conjunctive, Celines, and Stefan Ringer. More details to come. You can check out more further tour dates here.

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