Consisting of former Deerhunter and Balkans guitarist Frankie Broyles and ex-Carnivores Philip Frobos (bass/vocals) and Billy Mitchell (drums), the members of Omni (formerly known as Landline) have been Atlanta torchbearers for quite some time. So perhaps it’s a little surprising the trio’s latest project arrives with more promise than hype, but that may all change very soon. Yesterday, the group unveiled their debut video, “Afterlife,” via Stereogum and it’s an excellent encapsulation of the arty, kinetic post-punk the band has been perfecting over the past couple of years.

Shot at the Mammal Gallery, the mostly performance-based production showcases Omni’s ability to take angular guitars and tightly wound rhythms and mold them into spiky, danceable tracks that should please fans of Wire, Television, or Pylon. Visually, the groups opts for a minimalist approach, intermixing abstract images and geometric shapes over footage of themselves playing throughout the gallery. As videos go, it’s not all that captivating or inventive, but, honestly, we’re too busy grooving to the band’s jagged hooks to care.

Omni’s debut album, Deluxe, is out July 8 via Trouble in Mind.

Omni will perform on Friday, May 29 as part of the Atlanta Mess Around at the EARL. Doors open at 3 p.m. Admission is $10 for a day pass or $50 for a full event pass.

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