You’d expect a band that recently got signed to a respected, well-established label would be making big waves in their hometown, but sometimes it feels like Microwave are barely making a splash. Call it conceit or some bullshit code of style that determines what gets buzzed about in this city, but let’s just say that bands that trade in anything resembling emo and/or pop punk don’t usually get a fair shake, no matter how infectious or whip-smart the songwriting.

And, oh man, does Microwave have a knack for cranking out some diabolically catchy jams.

The band’s latest single — their first for Los Angeles-based SideOneDummy Records — is so devilishly efficient, so maniacally effortless, so permanently-lodged-in-your-cranium catchy, it hardly seems fair. “but not often,” simply spills out of your speakers like its been there forever with singer Nathan Hardy gliding confidently over a punchy groove that in lesser hands would probably sound hackneyed or just plain goofy. That’s the danger when delivering something something so deliberate and straightforward, but somehow Microwave manage to get all the details just right and offer up something singular, honest, and classic in the Pinkerton sense of the term. Call it what you will, it was enough for Noisey to declare them torchbearers for the future of the genre, which, if I had to venture a guess, doesn’t happen a whole lot.

Much like the single, the video, filmed and edited by Travis Lamb, captures an aura of laid-back cool and daffy charm that feels authentic. Without ever becoming flippant or overbearing, it’s silly in all the right ways — beer gets poured into a bowl of cereal, the punch gets spiked, a cat tries to play bass… you know, the standard, everyday kind of stuff. Admittedly, there’s nothing new or groundbreaking going on, but that won’t stop you from watching it again and again.

In addition to unveiling their new single and video yesterday, Microwave also announced an upcoming split with EP with Head North out of Buffalo, NY due out October 9. Pre-orders are available here.

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