Ever since Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord linked up with Awful Records, expectations have been sky high for the new Danger Incorporated joint. On Friday, the duo unveiled Bird Fly By Night, nine tracks of wavy, hazed-out hip-hop and nebulous R&B that continues the pair’s penchant for blending murky atmosphere with rhythmic alchemy and narcotic hooks. It’s quite plainly Danger Inc’s most complete and nuanced record, the sort of launching pad to next level status the group has been hinting at ever since dropping “Diamonds” in 2015.

Directed, shot, and edited by A Stranger, the video for lead single “Ashley Olsen” does a fine job of visualizing the duo’s amorphous identity, enveloping them in gauzy clouds of smoke while also showing them zipping around the streets and back alleys of Atlanta. Overall, it’s a literal interpretation of what makes the group so damn riveting — a combination of blunted midnight ambience and street savvy songwriting that appeals to club kids, trap heads, and alt-R&B romantics alike.

Check it out above.

Danger Incorporated will celebrate the release of Bird Fly By Night tonight at Aisle 5 alongside Trashcan and Lil Drip. Doors open at 8 p.m. SOLD OUT. All Ages.

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