When Faun and a Pan Flute bassist Danny Bailey, aka Carey, calls his latest composition “Parallel Music Movement I,” it’s the word “Movement” that provides a critical distinction. For thirteen minutes, the track remains in constant flux, forever shifting and evolving in avant waves of orchestral improvisation and experimental noise. At first it seems like a piece that’s too unwieldy and complex to absorb in a single sitting, but the longer you listen, the more patterns start to emerge until a faint outline appears, providing a sense of organizing structure.

Still, I can’t imagine Bailey performing this piece live without there being wide fluctuations in tone and theme. And, in fact, he notes the version posted online is only a sketch which will continue to grow and change over time. For Bailey, composing is more about the process than the completed piece, so it’s important to remain open to adaptation. Furthermore, “Parallel Music Movement I” is just the first installment of what will eventually become a three-part movement. It’s a massive undertaking that becomes even more impressive when you learn that Bailey plays all the instruments: piano, upright bass, vibraphone, marimba, gong, clarinet, alto clarinet.

Directed by Mission Trips architect Christopher White, the video only captures a short glimpse of Carey’s opus but it’s enough to lure the viewer in and leave them mystified. Visually, White’s psychedelic kaleidoscope approach may be old hat, but it does tie into the composition’s sense of expansion and evolution, of tireless movement and flaring synapses. It’s a mesmerizing piece that’s certainly worth your time; just make sure you make time to listen to “Parallel Music” in its entirety below.

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