The A3C Festival is kicking into high gear this weekend, and with so much hometown talent being repped we thought it would be a great idea to put together a special A3C edition of TRIPLE THREAT. A lot of the emerging acts are sure to be overshadowed by towering giants like Nas, A-Trak, and others, so this is our way of shining a light on some of the sising local artists taking part in the festivities. And there’s plenty more where this came from! Limiting ourselves to three artists made for some tough decisions, which only proves how deep the talent pool remains in this city. A3C remains in large part about discovering what’s next and any or all of these cats could easily be the one.

Jarren Benton

Jarren Benton – “Money Bag”

From the standalone single

The first time I came across Jarren Benton and Kato was on Goldyard’s 2014 banger “Get Your Weight Up,” and I’ve been keeping tabs on them both ever since. The follow-up cut to his Mink Coat Killa LP released in June, “Money Bag” finds the Decatur native gliding above Kato’s rumbling, blown-out bass and staccato drums. It’s a chest-thumping track about leveling up and flexing on your haters and foes; in other words, it’s prime fodder for Benton’s sharp wit and tough but versatile flow. – Guillermo Castro

Jarren Benton will perform tonight at the ATL’s Own showcase at the Music Room. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $10. 21+ to enter.

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Facebook: @JarrenBenton
Instagram: @jarrenbenton
SoundCloud: @jarrenbenton
Twitter: @JarrenBenton

Michael Aristotle

Michael Aristotle – “Dapper Dan”

From the standalone single

Born in Brooklyn and raised in a Belizean household, Michael Aristotle maintains a breezy urban vibe that’s perfect for turning up in the club or kicking back with your homies. Produced by partner-in-rhyme Wili Hendrixs, “Dapper Dan” traces the rapper’s roots and outlines his struggles, while still outlining a positive vision for his future and the success he’s already created for himself. – Avery Shepherd

Michael Aristotle will perform tonight at the ATL’s Own showcase at the Music Room. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $10. 21+ to enter.

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Instagram: @michaelaristotle
SoundCloud: @michaelaristotle
Twitter: @mikeyaristotle

Popstar Benny

Popstar Benny – “Hollywood Road”

From the forthcoming compilation, All Star Vol. II

Chason Howard, better known as Popstar Benny, is a 22-year-old curator, DJ, producer, and graphic designer intent on kick-starting pop-influenced trap. Tall enough to go undefeated in games of H-O-R-S-E, you’re more likely to find him hunched over, spinning some of the hottest rap music from independent artists who double as quasi-family members. Posed with the task of following up All Star Vol. I compilation, the posse cut and lead single carries some interesting DNA: “I wasn’t even there for that session,” Benny admits. “One of the frequent recording spots is off Hollywood Road. Every time Larry League pull up there, they make 3 or 4 songs.”

As he sees it, trap music in Atlanta is having a moment of truth: “I definitely seeing [trap] go more weird. Going in every direction pretty much. There’s a poppier element. Not so much on the street level. Popstar FM is the merging of the more hipster and experimental with undeniably trap music to show people here that you can do whatever you want. I never really felt part of the scene. Popstar FM allowed me to hone in on building a sub-scene rather than chasing the mainstream.”

Popstar Benny will perform tonight at the #NextUpA3C showcase at Aisle 5. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $10.

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Instagram: @popstarbenny
SoundCloud: @popstarfm
Twitter: @popstarbenny