“I’m just so excited for the future. Not like, the future of the world, or the future of love, or anything like that. I’m excited for the future because I strongly believe things are going to change for the better.” – Willow Smith
Moses Sumney took the stage dressed in pitch black, eyes shaded, and shrouded in dramatic light. His shadowy appearance was juxtaposed only by the angelic harmony of his harmonizations and velvet-smooth vocals.
“AFROPUNK represents freedom to be who I am. I’m quite aware that as a queer black woman with a shaved head, my presence can make some people uncomfortable. AFROPUNK provides a safe space to be myself.” – Morgan Ashley (pictured above)
Solange Knowles closed out AFROPUNK Atlanta with a breathtaking display of audiovisual artistry. Supported by a live band, backup dancers, flawless lighting, and a distinct stage design, Knowles performed a collection of songs from her 2016 hit record, A Seat At the Table.

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