Ever since we named Shampoo’s upcoming album one of our most anticipated records of 2016, we have been eagerly awaiting any cover art or single release, and the day is finally here. “Hanging Up on U” just premiered via yvynyl.com along with a description of the track by bassist and songwriter Chandler Kelley. The description, which is part synopsis of the song and part discussion of George Michael, exhibits Shampoo’s close ties to the lush, glittery pop of the ’80s. Still many elements of the new track fall more in line with the pastel sounds of current bands like Pure Bathing Culture, and even Beach House.

For those who have attended a Shampoo show within the past year, “Hanging Up on U” will sound familiar, but it’s nice to hear the delicate tones of Catherine Quesenberry’s synth balanced within the studio environment. The chemistry between the trio is immediately obvious, a factor which made their 2014 Demos EP so infectious despite the admittedly lo-fi nature of the tracks.

From Rush Myers’ shimmering guitar work to Quesenberry’s classic beats, there’s plenty to analyze here, but making comparisons and dissecting rhythms seems so stuffy in light of the irrepressible nature of “Hanging Up on U.” Instead, suffice it to say that you will want to play this song over and over and over again. Listen below.

“Hanging Up on U” is the lead single from Shampoo’s upcoming LP, Terrible Heat, which will be released on August 19 via Bear Kids Recordings.

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