It’s been well over half a year since we released the last episode of our live-to-tape series RECORD/RECEIVE, and in that time there have been more than a few days when we thought we might not get a chance to make another one. Although our overriding concept is simple — One band. One studio. One take. — consistently securing studio space has proven to be a challenge, among other difficulties.

But now it appears that we’ve sorted things out and are ready to move forward. In part, this is due to the work done by Jeremy Gilbertson and Ben Holst of Tunewelders, who helped us setup and document this latest session. The pair started their music and audio production company over 8 years ago and have since become an area favorite for advertisers, film makers and artists with commercial clients that include the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, CNN, ESPN, and much more. Their productions have been featured in two Super Bowls and in feature films, but more importantly for us, they’re huge advocates of the Atlanta creative scene. They’re also damn fine engineers.

Holst, who recorded the audio for this episode, got his start at the legendary (and now sadly defunct) Southern Tracks Recording Studios where he worked with his fair share of international recording artists, including Grammy winning producer Brendan O’Brien. Although Tunewelders takes up the bulk of his time, he often records local bands and musicians at 800 East, a 6400 sq. ft. facility bordering Freedom Park that remains one of the city’s premier destinations for music production and recording, and who graciously allowed us to use their facilities to create this episode.

And while it may seem odd to leave the artist for last, we’re pretty sure the Difference Machine need no introduction around these parts. They’re recently released LP, The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle, is a triumph of compositional bravado and mind-expanding poetry, and one of the best local records we’ve heard so far this year. For this session, the group decided to go the extra mile and hit us with a pair of monster tracks — the cosmic banger “Reel World,” followed by a menacing rendition of “Psychology,” the group’s first ever single. Overall, it’s a seamless merger of the Difference Machine’s two primary states of being — the cerebral and the visceral — that showcases just how electrifying the group can be as a live unit. Check it out above.

The Difference Machine will perform in support of Curtis Harding on Saturday, October 1 at 529 as part of Project Pabst. Fellow locals Michael Myerz and TWINS (late-night DJ set) will also play. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is FREE. All ages.

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