Running just under 24 minutes, Quasi Genuine is a short documentary that provides a peek into the creative world of Atlanta artist Pete Though (real name Juan Soto) while exploring the idea of just how malleable our respective realities can become. Very much in the vein of pop-culture edifices like “Weird Twitter” (see: Weird Internet), Pete Though’s artistic ventures are captured by director Nico Giarrano with the sensibilities of a realist. While the explanations for his art come from Though himself; the examinations of his character and persona come from those close to him, without much to offer except emotionally-charged opinions and memories of encounters. The result is a sometimes surreal and surprisingly endearing portrait that never forces its subject into clear definitions. “The line between the real Pete and the character Pete is blurry, and that’s the point,” says Giarrano, who’s known the artist for the better part of a decade. “I didn’t want to do anything other than give him a platform. You can find themes of creation, fathers, isolation — but that’s because those themes come through in his work. I just wanted people to know something was there, without saying what it was exactly. That’s up to Pete.”

Watch the trailer for Quasi Genuine above.

Quasi Genuine will premiere tomorrow, September 29, at 368 Ponce. The show will included performances by Cool Winners, Feline Fingers, Pete Though, and a visual by Casey Doran of Pink Cloud Films. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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