Success in music, in life, in whatever you choose to pursue is often about taking about advantage of the opportunities presented you. Case in point is this new video here from john.AVERAGE. The ATL rapper hit us up a couple of days ago about premiering some new visuals on 4/20, and while our calendar was pretty stacked, we just knew we needed to clear the decks and make it work. In addition to showing off john.AVERAGE’s versatile flow, both the video and the track are a tribute to the late, great Atlanta MC Bankroll Fresh, who was shot and killed by childhood friend and fellow rapper No Plug in 2016 in what the latter called an act of self-defense.

Directed by Jason Lindner of Highdeas Productions, the video keeps things lean and simple, focusing its attention on Mr. AVERAGE as he kicks his rhymes amidst the isolated tracks and rusted-out shipping containers of a local train yard. Visually it may not sound like a whole lot of material to work with, but some slick editing and a perky beat courtesy of Mikes Revenge combine to deliver something dope and worthy of Bankroll’s legacy.

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