I woke up today and embraced a new ritual. I put on socks, ate some toast, and sat on the edge of my bed waiting for Jared Collins to slide a copy of Jock Gang’s new album under my door. Much like every other day since I found out about the new LP, I was disappointed. Dammit. At least the band has two new videos to tide us over until the mysterious album drops.

Both videos were produced by Adam Valeiras of Carbon Film and Public Radio Sessions, who first became interested in the band when he saw their performance at this year’s Ohmpark Fest. The first of the two, “Coke Wall,” is a rare teaser of the band’s upcoming material, while “Tell Me About It Pt. 1” is a throwback to Jock Gang’s 2016 EP. The Public Radio team’s one-shot videography allows the viewer to explore the disparate rhythms and harmonies Jock Gang utilizes throughout each track. The results are especially enlightening considering how difficult it is to figure out exactly what the band is doing amidst the noise on their studio recordings.

More than simply untangling the complexity of Jock Gang’s music, the videos also display the ease with which the five piece play off each other without overshadowing any member of the ensemble. Both videos portray Jock Gang at their most nonchalant, but it’s that detached cool which pulls me in, reminding me that I need more. And yet, here I sit. Come on Jared.

Watch “Coke Wall” above and check out “Tell Me About It Pt. 1” below.

Jock Gang will perform tomorrow, April 7, at the 529 in support of Omni (Record Release). Fellow locals Background will also perform. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $13. 21+ to enter.

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