Produced by Saint Nick and Larry League member SenseiATL, “No Lovin’ You” is the latest single from Atlanta newcomer JantzJantz (pronounced like Chance, if you’re wondering). The 23-year-old rapper is a member of 3200, a creative collective headed up Rick Rubin signee signee Kevin Pollari, which counts Larry League, Saint Nick, and a few other artists among its ranks. Although JantzJantz has been writing and recording music for several years, the last twelve months have seen him put his nose to the grindstone and start carving out a name for himself, as evidenced by this dynamic cut.

Inspired by his own trials and tribulations, “No Lovin’ You” utilizes snappy synths and carbonated rhythms to bolster JantzJantz’s energetic and defiant flow. It’s clear he has a strong feel for melody and the way his woozy vocals slide up against the crisp beat provides a sense of euphoric relief that belies that track’s stern-faced message. “I don’t need love, baby, I just need my fans,” he raps, a declaration that could be shrugged off as mere showboating, it it weren’t so confidently delivered.

“The song is basically about trusting the people that have been with me from the start,” JantzJantz explains via email. “Staying focused on my goals and why I’m really doing this, and that’s to give my family (mom, sister, gang) a life of prosperity with no worries. Any woman trying to find love from me is ultimately searching in the wrong place. People showing ‘fakeness’ and displaying false intentions get no love from me. I can only trust the people I fuck with.”

According to JantzJantz, the single is the first of many collaborations to come from producers Saint Nick and SenseiATL. This includes a joint project between Pollari and himself set to drop sometime this winter, so keep your ear to the ground.

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