In advance of their upcoming tour, Atlanta trio floral print are preparing a new two-song digi-single to be released later this week. It’s the first new music we heard from the band since they unveiled their debut EP, woo, and it finds them continuing to explore the intersections between forward-leaning rock and left-field pop structures. Musically, the group has been a little difficult to pin down; they’ve got a mathy jazz lean in the sense that their off-kilter arrangements can be somewhat dense and obtuse, but it’s usually tempered by a melodic clarity that keeps their songs humming in your ears. In many ways they are reminiscent of local standouts Warehouse, although frontman Nathan Springer’s vocals are more traditionally direct than Elaine Edenfield’s inflected growl.

With “Running Joke,” floral print have crafted one of their more adventurous cuts, a track that alternates—sometimes smoothly, sometimes frantically—between jagged rhythms and a meditative murmur. If there is a dominant atmosphere here, it’s one of reverie, but this is not a song (or a band, for that matter) built for sustaining moods. On multiple occasions the trio downshift into a dreamy interlude only to disrupt your would be trance with spiked bursts of guitar or a harsh blast of distortion. Although the band does display a tendency towards a kind of enigmatic accessibility in the vein of Modest Mouse, their overall message is clear: Don’t get too comfortable, you never know what’s coming next. Listen below.

For those who want to get their hands on a physical copy, “Running Joke” will be available on a forthcoming release from Bacon Beak Records, a Philadelphia-based tape and vinyl label.

In the meantime, check out their fall tour dates below, followed by the rad tour flyer designed by Patrick Sexton.

Floral Print Fall Tour
Oct 10 – Atlanta, GA – Star Bar w/ Warehouse, Linear Downfall, Suffer Dragon
Oct 11 – Asheville, NC – House Show
Oct 12 – Knoxville, TN – the Pilot Light
Oct 13 – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s
Oct 15 – Philadelphia, PA – West Kensington Ministry
Oct 16 – Washington, DC – The Dougout
Oct 17 – New York, NY – Carl Sage Inn
Oct 18 – Boston, MA – TBA
Oct 20 – Syracuse, NY – Scarier Dome
Oct 21 – Pittsburgh, PA – Bates Hardcore Gym
Oct 22 – New York, NY – Bohemian Grove
Oct 23 – Oxford, OH – 200 W. Sycamore
Oct 24 – Nashville, TN – Betty’s Grill
Oct 29 – Atlanta, GA – The Cleaners w/ Spencer Radcliffe, Follicles, Probe, Suffer Dragon
Nov 21 – Atlanta, GA – Mammal Gallery w/ Swings, Meat

Floral Print Tour Poster

Floral Print will perform on Sat., Oct. 10 at Star Bar in support of Warehouse, Linear Downfall and Suffer Dragon. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5.

More Info
Facebook: @floralprintmusic
SoundCloud: @floralprintatl