Stick around long enough, and you learn who to trust. I’m not the most seasoned scenester — but I’ve spoken with several of you city kids, and I’m willing to bet that I’ve hung around Athens longer than you.

That said, read my lips: trust Eureka California.

Like any other music scene, Athens has its own cliques and fault lines; unlike Atlanta, those groups wrap around downtown in several parchment layers, from the fledgling student upstarts to the Go Bar regulars to the Elephant 6 veterans. Sometimes those layers touch, but in most cases they don’t. Which means, ultimately, that certain bros look after certain bros, and play on the same bills to the same people in the same venues.

Now, apart from just rocking supremely, the three members of Eureka C (yes, three — beloved eccentric and Tunabunny Jesse Stinnard now belts out bass lines, though not on this record) have consistently reached out past their own layer to welcome new bands and fans. And this “Wigwam” single, methinks, is just an extension of that mentality — it’s cheap, it’s packed with all that scuzzy Superchunk goodness we’ve all come to know and love (in fact, the third song is an early ‘Chunk cover and live favorite, “Slack Motherfucker”), and it says what it’s gotta say in barely seven minutes. That’s good hospitality, y’all.

Not too long ago, Immersive aired out the A-side; today, we present “Only Birds No Feathers” on the flip. And while you can’t tell now, guitarist Jake Ward claims this came out of a Robyn Hitchcock binge. “The song is mostly about how it might be the 2010’s but nothing’s really changed since the 50’s,” he says. “The chorus is also a pun.”

See? Eureka California tell it to ya straight.

Eureka California’s new single drops February 24 on HHBTM Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Eureka California will perform on Wednesday, February 22 at the World Famous. They will be supported by Turn to Crime (Detroit) and Feather Trade. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $4. 18+ to enter.

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