Producer and rapper Keith William has made his bones as the driving force behind the underground alt-rap group WAKE, but last year he began to branch out into solo territory with the release of his solo debut, Eclipse the Past, as well as one/fifteen, a mixtape full of random ideas, cast off beats, and other sounds. His latest venture finds him behind the mixing board crafting a dark, claustrophobic remix of DYVER’s (aka Ratchet Kills) meditative single, “Godeater.”

As remixes go, it’s a fairly thorough deconstruction that strips out the original’s bright psychedelic overtones and laid-back downtempo steeze and replaces it with a thick undercurrent of guttural bass and vocals that sound like so many voices echoing from the abyss. Haunting isn’t exactly the right word for it — the cut is much too abrasive for that — but there’s definitely a feeling of unsettling dread that washes over this track.

William’s work with WAKE has always been smart and forward-leaning, and here he reveals an ear for teasing out the unexpected from a song that feels organic and warmly familiar. It’s an altogether different experience, both sonically and emotionally, but it’s one that feels equally as vital. Give it a listen below.

WAKE will perform on Saturday, May 7 at Mammal Gallery in support of Sole & Dj Pain 1. Zach Cooper opens the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10.

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