It speaks to Dillon’s many talents that he’s known as much for his comedic chops and for being an avowed foodie than he is for his skills on the mic. But anyone who’s spent considerable time in Atlanta’s underground hip-hop scene will let you know — the dude, who sometimes goes by the name Lobsterdamus, can rap his ass of. From the point of view of style, his approach — a mix of clever wordplay and a laid-back cadence — is classic in nature, developed from a life listening to the masters of rap’s so-called golden era. But although he trades heavily in nostalgia, his flow feels familiar without sounding derivative.

For his latest project, Dillon has once again teamed up with producer/DJ Paten Locke to create a sound that’s both raw and rugged. The duo’s sophomore LP, Food Chain, was funded via a successful Indiegogo campaign and features contributions from a host of rap and hip-hop greats including Black Sheep Dres, Count Bass D, Homeboy Sandman, and Von Pea. Although no definitive release date has been set, pre-orders are still available for the next three days.

Today we’re excited to able to premiere “Fall Back,” a playful, high-energy jam that sees Dillon unleashing a torrent of verbal jabs and chest-pounding boasts over Paten Locke’s chopped-up guitar riff and steady beat. The chemistry between the two is undeniable; in fact, it’s Paten Locke’s guiding hand that allows Dillon to play the joker and seamlessly namecheck William H. Macy, Kevin Spacey, and Cagney and Lacey on his verse without coming off as dated or corny. Joining them on the cut is local phenom Boog Brown who is in particularly fine form, spitting jewels and burning everything in her path: “For the record, this is chess not checkers / You can save the lame game for the dollar shot heifers.” It’s a fortuitous pairing all around, leading to one firecracker of a single. Give it a listen below.

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