In advance of their upcoming West Coast tour, psychedelic hip-hop collective the Difference Machine is releasing an 18-track set of remixes, extras, and new songs entitled Triangle Schemes. Similar in scope to the group’s 2014 offering The Psychedelic Sounds of the Remix Machine, the new record features a who’s who of Atlanta’s underground hip-hop and psychedelic scenes, including remixes from the likes of Floyd the Locsmif, Yamin Semali, Charolastra, Chris Hunt, and more. Leading up to the record release this Friday, the Difference Machine is unveiling a track a day from the LP, and today we’re excited to premiere Saira Raza’s (aka Sister Sai) cosmic reworking of “Another Tomorrow.”

As the closing track on the group’s sophomore LP, The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle, “Another Tomorrow” helped listeners unwind and disembark from the album’s long, heady journey with a mind-melting mix of Eastern spiritualism, funk-laced beats, and a gripping verse from frontman/rapper DT. In Sister Sai’s hands, however, the track is transformed into something of an airy drone meditation that focuses on accentuating and evolving the song’s more atmospheric qualities. As such, the final cut evokes the haunting pulse that helped steer portions of her last release, Extempore, commingled with a diaphanous haze that coats “Another Tomorrow” in a spellbinding shimmer.

When asked why they selected Sister Sai for this particular remix, DT told Immersive: “That song was very special to us and needed to be treated with a certain amount of care. We felt like Saira’s style would be a great fit.”

Listen below.

Triangle Schemes is out Fri., September 1 via Psych Army Intergalactic. Pre-orders are available here.

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