It’s been well over a year since Jacob Chisenhall first introduced us to his sci-fi alter ego Delorean Gray and the artificial future paradise of Hokkaido IV, and this morning the former Fake Flowers frontman returns to continue his bizarro interstellar saga with a new single “Chrome Bikini.” The track is the first to be revealed from Chisenhall’s forthcoming LP Star Tropics, which promises to further expand the gleaming pop contours and dreamy electronic soundscapes of his enigmatic debut.

Replete with lush synths and glittering guitars, “Chrome Bikini” strikes with all the force and vigor of a light summer breeze. Given Delorean Gray’s fanciful premise and psychedelic overtones—the song does find its titular character reeling from the effects of some sort of cosmic space acid, after all—you’d think there would be a greater sense of urgency carried within Chisenhall’s airy grooves and textured arrangements. But the song’s central motivation—at least musically—appears to be one of calm relaxation. The vibe is irrepressibly warm, plush and blurred, and no amount of narrative subtext is going to disrupt the song’s midtempo haze. “So fill my head with new sounds / and take us off to new grounds” Chisenhall croons on the final verse. It may just seem like a passing phrase but for Delorean Gray it may as well be a mission statement.

Listen below.

Star Tropics is out Jan. 25, 2018.

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