The clamorous new track from Death Stuff portrays the kinetic post-punk trio at their most energetic. “Nymphs” is the B-side to the 7″ being released tomorrow via Chunklet Industries, and despite being relegated to the flip side, the slapdash riffs tie together a remarkably catchy track.

The song is deviously hypnotic despite drummer Jacob Armando’s chaotic rhythmic shifts, and the staggering tempo serves only to emphasize Lloyd Wingard’s acidic vocal delivery. It’s the band at their most frantic, testing the boundaries between Australian weirdo punk and the pressurized noise of mid ’80s SST bands.

Death Stuff’s snarky, often cynical outlook on life provides the suffocating energy which hunches behind so many of their tracks. “Nymphs” is no exception, but it’s an example of how the band focuses existential angst from the void into a delightfully combustible attack.

Death Stuff will celebrate the release of their “Give Up” b/w “Nymphs” 7″ tomorrow night, April 11, at 529 along with DiCaprio and Nag who are also celebrating releases. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations at the door. 21+ to enter.

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