Comprised of red clay veterans Dave Kirslis (Cicada Rhythm), Matthew J. Pendrick (Slow Parade), Matt Garrison (Elf Power, Shoal Creek Stranglers), and Zeke Sayer (Shoal Creek Stranglers, The Humms), Coyote Anyway is unveiling their debut two-song single, Sleep Talk, today. These denim-clad warriors are multi-instrumentalists who have honed their craft raising glasses and sharing stages with the finest grinners and pickers to boot. Coyote Anyway paints a unique depiction of the roots rock conversation, using a palette dripping with shades of locomotive-driven blues and an urban gutter-folk ethos. The culmination of sounds create a scorching, twice-fried twang that hangs heavy in the gut.

“One Dead Black Cat” is the single’s B-side featuring T.S. Woodward on the ivories. It’s a raw, gospel-grinding dirge, an iconic permeation of the eardrum like a darker, backwoods version of Cream’s “White Room.” The guitars splatter ebony bile all over the walls and cloak their gaping skullcap riffs in a mourning veil of overdriven tube warmth, dragging their feet to the native beat of a New Orleans funeral procession. Pendrick takes the lead vocal, distilling a melodic concoction with a nose of petrichor and a voodoo pyre. At first sip, the timbre of his voice sits on the tongue like swamp salt, then rounds out with a mouthwatering middle, finishing with a hint of bloodhoney. In the background theres notes of moaning and groaning soaked in vinegar amidst a chain gang stomp culling livestock to the slaughterhouse of god. The gloaming requiem summons an unholy curbside service in honor of the roadkill queen that baked in the southern sun like a dried husk of jerky.

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