Originally released on the A Thousand Arms compilation Hemispheres: Volume 1 earlier this year, “I’m Morrissey, I’m Dead” isn’t exactly a new track, but for Of the Vine fans who’ve been awaiting new material since 2015’s excellent East​-​the​-​Water, the epic 10-minute slow-burner is everything they’ve could’ve hoped for. Over the past decade, any innovations within the post-rock genre have been either minor or purely cosmetic. Still, that isn’t to say that there aren’t emotional epiphanies to be found. Of the Vine are able to succeed in large part because of their patience and ability to extract tension from the simplest of progressions. They paint with a sweeping, cinematic brush, but their steadfast attention to detail—the slightest quiver of reverb, the subtle shading of a specific tone—allows for songs that feel both monumental and intimate. “I’m Morrissey, I’m Dead” may not be breaking down barriers, but it sounds wondrous.

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