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Artist Name: OCHI

Who Are They: With members originally hailing from different regions in Russia, OCHI is an Atlanta-based electronic duo.

Jenny Nesvetailova
Jane Leshchinskaia

Sounds Like: According to their Bandcamp bio, the group’s songs center around themes of isolation and space and there’s certainly a chrome-etched, extraterrestrial quality to their aesthetic. The fact that some songs are sung in their native Russian helps add a bit of mystery and mystique, but regardless of language or context the duo’s ethereal synths and dazzling compositions unfurl in movements that are lush with rippling textures and luminous atmospheres.

Releases: The duo recently released their seven-song debut EP, Celestial Bodies, via Bandcamp.

Mandatory Listening: While most songs on Celestial Bodies prefer to glide serenely through the cosmos, “Poteryaniy Dyh (Lost Spirit)” maintains a rhythmic trip-hop quality that keeps it from leaking too far into the stratosphere. Those silver-streaked synths and radiant vocals still yearn for the vast seclusion of space, but the undulating bass and smoky dancefloor grooves beckon for something more immediate and earthly. It’s a tricky balance, but Nesvetailova and Leshchinskaia prove to be worthy captains of this exquisite and far-flung vessel.

OCHI will perform on Sat., September 23 at 529 alongside Karaoke, MonteQarlo, and Organized Boys Dance Party. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5. 21+ to enter.

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