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Artist Name: Muddle

Who Are They: Four punks shoving fuzz-laced cyanide pills down the patriarchy’s frothing mouth.

The Drizzler – Unpredictable
Mandatory – The Triangle
Hippie Jay – The hHacky Sac
Ci Ci – Devil Sticks

Sounds Like: The spasmodic energy of proto-punk gets a cable access makeover by some teenage twerps that overdosed on mid-80s SST weirdness while shooting fireworks at each other in the burnt-out husk of a Snap Fitness and stumbling over the bloated corpses of steroid-infused white boys.

Releases: The band’s five-song demo was released in February. When asked about any future releases, the band responded, “If we were to hold our breath with just this demo we would have all passed out by now. Who knows, maybe we’ll get it together.” Take it as you will.

Mandatory Listening: The primal stomp of “Sniffing Dogs” is the most immediate track on the EP and so far one of the best punk songs of 2017, but at live shows the band has been known to produce a killer cover of X-ray Spex’s “Oh Bondage Up Yours!” Actually, the mandatory listening is just to go see them live. It is punk, after all.

Muddle will perform tomorrow night, March 18, at 529 in support of Nurse (Record Release) and Vincas. Diagonal open the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations encouraged. 21+ to enter.

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