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Artist Name: Cuntry

Who Are They: Melodic folk rock trio from Atlanta with a noisy edge.

Gabbie Watts – Guitars, Vocals
Noelle Albano – Violin
Kelly Reardon – Drums

Sounds Like: Don’t be fooled by the lazy genre descriptors or the pun-y moniker, Cuntry are neither especially quiet nor tame and they certainly aren’t a joke. Songs flow in distinct movements from hushed and understated to a kind of brooding punk aggression where every note and sound is poured through a distinct Southern filter. You know those streaks of silver and black that collide when lightning cuts through a storm cloud? Think that but, you know, in song form.

Releases: The band’s four-song debut, Cuntry Music, was released last September.

Mandatory Listening: It’s a tough call, but I’m going with “Why Do You Stand In The Doorway?” because it’s the trio’s most well-balanced track and it features some of the more gratifying melodies on the EP. Gabbie Watts voice is both supple and stormy, and here she bends, twists, and breaks it over a backdrop of dramatic guitars and tempestuous gothic folk rhythms. Overall, it’s a remarkable exercise in tension and restraint, and Cuntry pull it off beautifully.

Cuntry will perform tonight at the Earl in support of Louie Louie and a Drug Called Tradition. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Admission is $7. 21+ to enter.

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Facebook: @cntrymsic