Michael Myerz - Bury Me With My Money

Nerdcore rapper Michael Myerz returns this week with his 16th(!) release, Bury Me With My Money, the first part of a double EP set to drop May 20. Produced by Ben Hopkins, better known as Damocles, the EP is hard-hitting Rocky Horror hip-hop infused with coconut-flavored Count Chocula lyrics and Ren & Stimpy aural patterns that melt straight into an FDA approved water pipe with a scratched-up ‘intended for tobacco products only’ label.

The intro sounds like the lost soundtrack to Nightmare on Elm Street. It swivels in the way a drunken hovercraft would surf the high tides around demonic beats that embody the sounds of saw blades. Alien nocturnal transmissions are dripping off the sides of this vessel. An eclectic choir of creeped-out crooners chant in unison, “Bury Me With My Money,” until the track’s breaking point where it sticks its hand as far down your mold-infested disposal as it can and flicks the switch with lotion-soaked, emollient anticipation. “The Ballet of Melted Faces” opens the way Butters on South Park would aimlessly wander into a stag film — a pawn to innocence, without any hesitation. A heavy, space-driven trap beat drops like a meteor shaving its astral pubic hair followed by the flow of the King of the Transylvanian underworld himself.

Next up is “Garlic Bread,” a club banger dressed in stank rhymes and a master chef’s chop of the tongue. The beat drops a rusty cleaver through a Sega Genesis cartridge. The track is followed by “Everybody Rage,” which lights up the middle of the EP. This track pimp limps like a transsexual Frankenstein washing himself underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s joined by a family of melodic renegade mutants all hoping to hide their alimony checks before the tax reaper repossess them at dawn. You can see an unholy union of decaying Generation X pop culture through the wonky funk it unleashes on your ear drum. There’s a homeless Sonic the Hedgehog with a pair of running shoes lifted from Maniac Magee and a cracked out Earthworm Jim holding hands by an oil drum fire, grilling dumpster s’mores and tucking young Frank into a cardboard orthopedic.

The collection then rides on with a dirty pole dancing strut and an ephemeral piece about a feline with raging herpes. The nightmarish finale, “Planet Matza Ball,” which we’re excited to premiere for you today, floats listeners through an epic digital ballad lined by the comforts of an early ’90s childhood. It conjures the savory tones of a Gran Turismo mod screen raw doggin’ Diddy Kong until it gets the little ape to scream “Bury Me With My Money” at the top of his primate breath sacks.

This EP isn’t for the lighthearted and you better bring your thickest sweat bands to the table. Get ready, get loose, and get six feet under with a few of your favorite greenbacks burning flowers at your unmarked gravestone.

Give a listen to “Planet Matza Ball” below. Bury Me With My Money arrives May 20.

Michael Myerz will celebrate the release of Bury Me With My Money on Friday, May 20 at 529. Supporting him will be Day Old Man, HeY!ALLigator, Wrap Retract, and Spore Lord. Doors open at 9 p.m. $8 gets you in.

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