This Sunday, improvisational group Flight of Swallows will be celebrating the release of their first-ever documented record, CORONA BOREALIS. Cofounders Deisha Oliver-Millar and Sadie Hawkins have been breaking new boundaries with this project since 2009 and through the years they have been able to bring together some of Atlanta’s talented creatives to put on an experience that values and utilizes many different art mediums. Their February 19th performance will be no exception as the group intends to bring their exploratory, mutating orchestra to the back space of the 7 Stages Theatre in Little Five Points.

CORONA BOREALIS first debuted during the 2016 Atlanta Fringe Festival, and was a juried selection for Art on the Atlanta Beltline. When asked about the group’s goal or intention for recording the album, Oliver-Millar spoke about the completely improvisational nature of the group, “There isn’t a sentiment that describes how we communicate and work together as improvisers on stage and in rehearsal better. If there is a goal or a message, I guess I would have to say it is to listen well to your gut feelings and if you fuck up, repeat the fuck up three times and call it jazz.”

Coming to this event means that you will have a chance to see a very unique unfolding of a musical piece that will be accompanied by several instruments ranging from singing saws to toy pianos. An equal part of the performance will be focused on the movement of dancers who will attempt to mirror the shape-shifting nature of the score. For attendees, it will be an opportunity to analyze and reflect on what you are seeing as well as what you are hearing in a live, multi-disciplinary moment. “Expect for this event to flow like a gallery performance event rather than a typical concert,” reads the press release. “Featured collaborators for the event include T Lang and Kris Pilcher, who will be joining the musicians and movers who contributed to the development and live productions of CORONA BOREALIS.”

CORONA BOREALIS is dedicated to early collaborators Jacosa Kato, Terry Boling, and Sacha Dzuba who each passed away last year. Their lasting influence on the group will continue to shine throughout the evening as Flight of Swallows perform the album and continue on their imaginative journey.

Tickets for the event are $20 in advance and includes a copy of CORONA BOREALIS. $20 tickets will still be made available the night of the show but this purchase will not include their album.

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