There has always been something dark and unsettling within Jock Gang’s discordant art rock, and on “Alma,” the first single from the group’s upcoming Cool EP, the band’s penchant for brooding disquiet reaches a feverish peak. Initially, the stark simplicity of the song’s skeletal arrangement wouldn’t seem to allow for much drama, but then comes the disaffected gloom of Jared Collins’ deadpan vocals, and suddenly a kind of claustrophobic tension settles in. Set against a backdrop of clamorous guitars and Kimberly Collins’ stoic bass work, the track unravels in unnerving fits and spurts, like being trapped in the dying throes of a bad trip. It all culminates in an abrasive din of sculpted noise — a fitting end to Jock Gang’s harrowing marriage of grim post-punk and avant-garde songcraft.

Listen below.

Cool releases August 25 via the band’s own Noun Factory label.

Jock Gang plays tonight at the Irrelevant Music Fest at the Earl alongside MATERIAL GIRLS (Record Release), Omni, DEEP STATE, and Glare. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $15. 21+ to enter.

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