Eureka California have been working in the trenches of the Athens music scene since 2011, redefining the bounds of pop music and challenging the limitations common to drums-guitar duos. On the surface, nuance seems foreign to the band, but amidst their blinding attack lies an understanding of dynamics which makes for a rollercoaster of a listening experience. On their most recent album, 2016’s Versus, the pair provided a cynical yet heartfelt deconstruction of Athens’ drinking culture and the idiosyncrasies of college town life.

Their new track “Wigwam” is the first part of the 3-song 7″ planned for February 24. The song begins with a surprising dose of bluesy swagger, but as it progresses Jake Ward’s earnest vocals and Marie Uhler’s punctual drumming propel the song into more comfortable (speedy) territory for the group. Eureka California is at their best when hurtling through hooks and leaving the listener hanging on each syllable, and “Wigwam” proves that though the band isn’t afraid to experiment, they also know how to focus their jams into fist-pumping anthems.

In a continued effort to provide affordable vinyl, Eureka California and HHBTM Records will release the 7″ for a measly $3, and if that isn’t enough reason to pick it up, the single will also feature a cover of the Superchunk classic “Slack Motherfucker.”

Eureka California will perform tomorrow night, January 17, at Ciné in Athens and Wednesday, January 18 at 529. The Ciné show feature support from Feather Trade and Phillip Brantley of Palace Doctor. At 529 they will be supported by The Hotels, Feather Trade, and Antbrain. Doors for both shows open at 9 p.m. Donations encouraged.

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