Many a dystopian novel has imagined the shady hustler of the new century. You already know what I mean: long trench with a million pockets, lightning hand that can draw some silver cellular and tap one of a thousand contacts, shades darker than your silhouette on the asphalt. And here we are again, speeding down a nondescript highway from the city of serpentine alleys, with an enigma at the wheel that owns nothing but promises everything. Except here, there’s no thrill, no rush, no pumped blood. Paranoia settles in like oxygen. You learn to breathe in cramped spaces.

This all seems like the perfect sci-fi crime noir, but Drew Briggs actually hustles with his minimal beats around the ATL. You can see him this weekend at Afropunk as Divine Interface, but he’s also gigged as part of the Ghettolow collective, as surreal funk alterego Kush Lord, and with Ryan Parks (aka Fit of Body) under multiple guises. That hyperactive grind might explain why he’s not yet set his nocturnal tales to wax, even after over six years in the game — at least, until now. The hermetic groove of “Divide It” heralds Briggs’ first solo 12″ as Divine Interface — and of course it’s called Precious Cargo. Of course. What else would a beat dealer trade in?

Precious Cargo is out Nov. 17 via CGI Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Divine Interface will perform on Sun., Oct. 15 at Afropunk Festival Atlanta. Doors open at 1 p.m. Day passes are SOLD OUT. Weekend passes are $90. All Ages.

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