CLAVVS dropped one of Atlanta’s best homegrown records last year with the evocative halfblood, an album of atmospheric electropop that culled the best elements from the field with a fantastic vocal talent to round it out. Honestly, I had a hard time imagining a satisfying follow-up coming down the pipeline. That’s not for a lack of confidence in the group; rather it’s a testament to the quality of the songs that came before. But the proof is in the sound. With “Future Gold,” CLAVVS continue to prove themselves as one of Atlanta’s sharpest talents and let loose an exciting teaser for their upcoming LP, World Underwater.

From the track’s opening moments, it’s clear the group is operating in the outer orbits rather than solid ground. Rolling rhythms and pulsing bass function more like launch pads into space than anchors, perpetually bouncing Amber Rene√©’s surreal, sultry tones out of earth. It’s a hypnotic, ethereal sound that could suit both an evening on the dance floor or a session of couch lounging.

Production, courtesy of Graham Marsh, seals the deal, providing a rich, full backdrop that envelopes the listener. It’s easy to imagine the purple and blue tones of the album’s artwork washing over in kaleidoscopic patterns. For all the easy tie-ins to the stratosphere, Renee reminds listeners with a solid hook that, despite all its ambience, this is still a pop song at its core. But none of these aspects alone, as good as they are, make this such a captivating release; it’s the totality of the package. With “Future Gold,” it’s clear that CLAVVS has entered a stratosphere all its own. They own this space.

World Underwater releases March 24.

CLAVVS will celebrate the release of World Underwater on Friday, March 24 at Aisle 5. They will be supported by Thrice Groove. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $10. 18+ to enter.

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