For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing or hearing genre-bending duo Art Contest, it’s time to take advantage of the band’s recent move from Greenville, SC to Athens. Though new to Georgia, they have quickly integrated into the local scene, playing with Athens favorites Monsoon and Wieuca amid a busy tour schedule.

Their recent single, “Tokyo Megaplex,” is a time-space continuum shattering mix of noise, math rock, and jazz that slithers across the musical landscape like a 9th dimensional serpent swallowing riffs from Can, Battles, and Melt-Banana and releasing them as beautifully contorted sculptures. Art Contest paints over the weirdness with disarming pop vocals and a generally upbeat sound. The track is more than just a four-minute freakout. Each miniscule rhythm and sound is integral to the structure of “Tokyo Megaplex,” and the result is both challenging and entrancing.

Despite the intricate percussion, Art Contest’s music feels more unhinged than most math rock bands. At the same time, melody is never sacrificed for noise as they carve new territory in the musical void. We can’t wait to see how Art Contest continues to expand their sound when they release their next full-length album, Two Songs, in 2016.

“Tokyo Megaplex” is the second single from Art Contest’s upcoming LP, Two Songs, due out in 2016 via Post-Echo.

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