While a friend of mine tipped me off to Wieuca’s excellence a while back, it wasn’t until I saw them at the Mammal Gallery a couple weeks ago that I finally understood. Though I brushed aside the Athens group’s debut album There is No Balance as derivative and passable, I was blown away by their live show. They maintained a vibe so lively and down-to-earth that it made me want to hoot and holler after every song. Their barefooted bassist, trucker hat-fashioned drummer, and Little Tree air freshener-outfitted lead man tied together a style that would have otherwise been difficult to define. In some ways I liken Wieuca to Atlanta’s Arbor Labor Union — definitely heavy rockers, and peculiarly Southern.

But whereas Arbor Labor Union opt for a kind of streamlined sound, Wieuca embrace a more complex form of psychedelia. The group’s latest single, “Snitches Get Stitches,” features a six-eyed teenage girl full of trippy color combinations and patterns on the cover. Meanwhile, the track itself presents a wonderful punk-driven groove with a distinctive high lead riff and ominous backing vocals. The guitar solo is as rich and compelling as any of the band’s breakdowns. Lyrically, the song tackles themes of paranoia and its scary and mystifying truths. The stalking bass line and opening sample of a police officer requesting backup serve this mission further. Perhaps there really is “no way out.”

Listen below.

“Snitches Get Stitches” is the latest single from Wieuca’s upcoming LP, Guilt Complex. Pre-orders are available here.

Wieuca will celebrate the release of Guilt Complex on Friday, July 14 at the Caledonia Lounge. They will be supported by Breathers, Big Morgan, and Fruit & Flowers. Doors open at 9 p.m. 18+ to enter.

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