Before we dive into this new single from WF Addams, can we take a minute to shoutout Jesse Mangum and MOEKE Records? For four years running, the Athens audio engineer and his record label have committed to the herculean task of releasing a new song from a different artist every week for the duration of the summer. Each track is recorded at his home base, the Glow Recording Studio, and compiled into an ongoing series called Summer Singles. I won’t even begin to try and comprehend the sheer amount of time and effort Mangum has put into this project, but as a remarkably consistent and frankly necessary document of various segments of the Athens music scene, I just want to say: salute.

With summer 2017 nearing its end, this year’s compilation is quickly drawing to a close. According to MOEKE Record’s latest Facebook post, this week’s release is one of the last three singles left, but, man, is it a doozy.

“Whatever” is the first new piece of music we’ve heard from WF Addams since the trio unveiled their stellar debut, Signs of Wear, last December. Musically it maintains many of the same elements that made that record such a cathartic listen — the interlocking guitars, the brooding vocals, the atmosphere of stormy tension — but latches them to a more propulsive engine courtesy of Sasha Schilbrack-Cole’s relentless drumming. The group irrefutably remain an emo band at heart, but here they unleash a rhythmic intensity often reserved for livelier genres like math or prog rock. The result is a jolt of galvanizing energy to go with all that rueful drama, and another step forward for the young Athens and Atlanta trio.

Listen below.

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