The ability to meld tribal beats into futuristic R&B doesn’t flow from any organized musical schematic. Rather, it is an ineffable instinct, an indefinable ability to pull ancient rhythms off dusty shelves and insert them into an immediate musical consciousness which flows from generation to generation. Waking Astronomer have only been refining this instinct for a few years now, but their new single “Bottles” is evidence that they have reached a new plateau on their cosmic journey. Afua Richardson’s lustrous voice leads the trio over stammering percussion and persistent synths as she presents the listener with a vaguely spiritual tale. The lyrics alternate between the instructive and the introspective while remaining entirely bewitching. Listen below.

“Bottles” proves no idea is off-limits for Waking Astronomer as they prepare to release their self-titled debut. Somehow both visceral and ethereal, this track only builds our excitement for the upcoming record, which drops on Feb. 5 via Psych Army Intergalactic. Pre-orders are available here.

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