Gorgeous textures and sandy landscapes come together to form Tantrum’s new video for “Karma.” The new single is the first track from her upcoming LP, Ojos, and the video portrays Michika McClinton in a beautifully sparse world, demonstrating her ever-maturing voice and ambitious artistic tendencies.

McClinton, the singer-songwriter and producer behind Tantrum, has been treading the space between downtempo shoegaze and elastic pop since 2013 when she released her debut EP, Omagari Town. McClinton worked with producer DAB Bowie on the new track, and Jamye Luu of Oceanland Studio directed the video.

In one sense, the vibrant textures of “Karma” make it a richer song than those found on her most recent EP, XYO, but the symphonic density of the instrumentation also limits the spacey nature of McClinton’s voice. Whether the extraterrestrial stylings of XYO will reappear on Tantrum’s upcoming album is anyone’s guess, but for now McClinton seems interested in expanding her musical universe in search of a more mature sound. If “Karma” feels better suited for pop radio than a SoundCloud mix, it’s because her approachable creativity is blossoming into a double-edged sword, splitting the line between normalcy and peculiarity.

Tantrum will perform on Saturday, July 30 a the Masquerade. Xay Zoleil and PARENTS will play in support. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $8.

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