These days, Jason Travis spends considerably more time employing his appreciable talents as a photographer and videographer than he does crafting propulsive, hook-heavy indie rock with his band Sealions. But as the group’s last single, “Climbers,” proved this spring, he and his cohorts are still plenty capable of conjuring rippling anthems full of glittering exteriors and a chest-swelling melody or two.

True to his talents, Travis ensured the song arrived complete with jaw-dropping visuals, a dizzying succession of wondrous aerial drone footage bursting with bright colors and Wes Anderson-like detail and symmetry. The final cut was both beautiful and delightfully joyous, a stunning fusion of sound, image, and mood that made for one of the most mesmerizing videos of this year.

Similarly, “Shoreline” pulses with creative curiosity and sunny fervor. Although it doesn’t match the dizzying heights of its predecessor, the song’s crackling urgency, combined with Nadine Olmo’s captivating, off-beat choreography, lends the clip an immediacy that feels uniquely fresh and intimate. Travis’ flair for vibrant sets and quirky abstraction are on full display, although he’s careful not to eclipse the track’s wide-eyed resolve. “‘Shoreline’ is about going out west,” he explains via email. “It’s about running toward love while facing your fears head on… Nadine’s choreography captures the subtle and chaotic moments of the song, not to mention the Big Feelings behind it.

“I let my imagination run wild when it came to the visuals. Never forget to take the good with the bad and let those waves crash over you when you can. The process makes you human.”

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