Indie folk trio Slow Parade have just released a new live video for “Stink I’m In” from their 2015 LP Big Plans. The video was recorded and directed by Kris Sampson who thoughtfully captures the song’s distinctly warm and raw feel. Alex Dyer of Red Planet filmed and edited the footage with additional direction by Nick Whitson. This is Dyer’s first step onto the scene in what he hopes will soon be a vast portfolio of hard-hitting videography for ATL music.

Slow Parade is led by principal songwriter Matthew Pendrick who’s backed by Andrea DeMarcus (Cicada Rhythm) on upright bass and multi-instrumentalist Paul Stevens (Grand Vapids) on drums. Occasionally, DeMarcus’ Cicada Rhythm partner Dave Kirslis will join the group on keys, as he does for this live session.

In this cut, the four of them are slogging it out, down and dirty, with no frills. But despite the stripped-back nature of the production, Pendrick proves to be a true vocal conquistador, guitarist, and frontman. He slashes out with sharp-tongued earworms into an uncharted primal paradise, uttering beguiling phrases like “Ten billion brain cells, fuck I only use ten” and “Six billion people, find it hard to love one” while the band locks loosely behind him.

“Stink I’m In” is a visual punch to the gut fueled by ugly nostalgia. It rides like drained handles of New Amsterdam Gin, kicked-in front doors, and overturned living room furniture. The palpable pains of memory are brought to life in the song with a multitude of sultry stank faces and eye-locked gazes that dance around the musicians’ performance.

Give the video a good lookin’ over, and if you want to, I suggest you come down to The EARL tonight for a psych-folk facemelt. And while you’re there, don’t forget to wish Book of Colors a safe and fruitful journey into the great white pines and beyond.

Slow Parade will perform tonight at the EARL in support of Book of Colors (tour kickoff show!) and Fantasy Guys. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $8.

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