You don’t so much listen to Outer Gods as you experience their music in the cerebral sense of the word. Their compositions are by turns harsh and haunting, brutal and beatific in a manner that can be unnerving for those who are either unacquainted or unprepared for the level of patience and endurance their works often demand. Take, for instance, “Black Mountain Drone,” the lead track from the duo’s upcoming fourth LP, Dismal Rift. It’s twenty-five minutes of elegiac synth swells, ambient drone, and claustrophobic white noise that feels daunting at times, but succeeds in large degree to the suspenseful cinematic atmosphere that surrounds it.

The accompanying video, which we’re excited to premiere today, focuses its attention on just a small fragment of the track, making it more palatable for the casual listener. Visually it appears fairly nondescript — just a series of slowly morphing white static designs that look like so many undulating Rorschach ink blots. Much like the composition itself, its surface level feels abstract and amorphous, but the longer you immerse yourself in its shifting forms, the more clearly the patterns begin to emerge. It’s a striking piece, but it only really works if you take the time to unravel its many mysteries.

Dismal Rift is out June 24 via Stickfigure Recordings. Pre-orders are available now.

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